Why we exist

The SYDiverse is all about being your period phone-a-friend. An understanding, supportive and naked-truth-telling friend. We all know periods can suck. But at SYD, we also know there are things we can do to make it nice(-r).

Being picky

We go through this, month after month, year after year, cycle after cycle, for decades. And therefore, we think we should be picky. For too long, we have seen too little changes and too few options. This wasn’t your moms tampon, but maybe it should’ve been. Given that you on average will spend 7-8 years of your life with a tampon inside of you, your V deserves the best.


We say naked because that’s how we want our products to be. Stripped of everything that shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Organic because we are done with the toxic lifestyle. Stigma free because we are ready to be the conversation keepers of this topic. And produced with the power of water because that is a force we believe in.

Giving back

There wouldn’t be a SYD without giving back. We are passionated about raising awareness and fighting against period poverty. But not only that, we also want our SYDiverse to contribute to a world with equal opportunities. Where girls can go to school no matter if they are on their period or not. It’s in the SYD DNA. And for every bag you buy, you become a part of this.


SYD was founded by Therese, Adriano and Christian in 2021. Seeing the lack of responsibility, honesty, educational mindset and forward-thinking approach in the period care market, a seed grew into a greater idea. The pickiness when it comes to materials and production intertwined with the willingness and drive to give back brought about - SYD.

We’re based in Stockholm Sweden at Humlegårdsgatan 6 or drop us a line at hi@talkaboutsyd.com

Want to work with us? We're always on the lookout for new colleagues, brand ambassadors, and interns. Drop us a line at hi@talkaboutsyd.com