Why organic period care is worth the hype

Written by Rebecca

There's a whole lot more to it than meets the eye. Sure, being eco-friendly is great, but there are other solid reasons why you should give organic period care a chance.

Lower risk of yeast infection & irritation

Fiber shedding might not be on your radar, but should be! Many tampons, both conventional and organic, risk shedding fiber inside the vagina. When these fibres are left in the vagina, it can create a haven for bacterial growth. SYD's tampons have a patented Cottonlock that minimises fiber shedding inside the vagina.

Might help reduce cramps and heavy flow

Here's one that has the experts scratching their heads: organic tampons may help lighten your period and reduce cramps. So if you deal with heavy bleeding or painful cramps during your period, it might be worth giving organic cotton tampons a try!

Less CO2, water & energy

Organic cotton production uses techniques to minimise the use of chemicals, water, and energy. In fact, studies show that organic cotton production produces 46% less CO2 than conventional cotton. Not to mention that certified organic cotton is grown without the usage of harmful pesticides, insecticides, and fertilisers.

Less risk of fiber-shedding

Many conventional period products are made with viscose rayon. The material comes from wood pulp which is treated chemically to create a cotton-like semi-synthetic fiber. The fibers dismantle more easily which increases the risk for fiber shedding inside the vagina.

No dioxin residues

Historically, chlorine has been used to purify and bleach fibres. This process produces dioxin which can be toxic to humans. Although studies show that levels of potential residue in period products are a small portion of the monthly recommended intake (dioxins can be found everywhere in the environment) the lifetime exposure still worries some experts. After all, we can use up to 15,000 tampons in a lifetime. SYD's cotton is bleached using a Totally Chlorine Free (TFC) process.

Plastic free

The period industry is dominated by plastic. Products come wrapped in it and many even contain plastic. We believe that plastic doesn’t belong inside our bodies, in landfills or in nature and should only be used, if needed, when there is no other option.

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