Organic period care delivered to your door

Period care synced to your flow

🩸 Build your own period pack
🌈 100% organic and plastic free 
😌 Cancel or pause whenever



Our period care is made with 100% certified organic cotton and no icky stuff like microplastics, perfume, dyes, or bleach. Everything from our Mindre tampon to our Night pad is hypoallergenic, super soft on the skin, breathable, and totally vegan 🌱☁️ You are welcome!


PS. Your vagina will thank you

SYD won’t just make your period hassle-free, for every bag sold we make sure that a girl can go to school. For every new bleeder that syncs up with SYD we get one step closer to a world where having a period never stands in the way of opportunity.


“From now on SYD is the obvious choice for me when it comes to period care. Organic products at the same time as you contribute to girls’ education? How cool is it to have an impact on both humanity and the environment through our periods?! ❤️ ”
“But seriously I totally love this! 🩸 Get rid of period shame and get rid of the plastic. Spot on. 💥 Plus the packaging and the design is so nice!”
“Tampons and pads have to be the most obvious thing to subscribe to. So nice, so convenient and so simple 😌. It’s even a bit fun to buy period care now. LOVE! 🙌 Finally. ”