Written by Dr. Alexandra Åhlberg

Is skincare syncing a thing? Spoiler: Yes.

Ever felt like your skin changes through your cycle? It does! And it's all because of hormones. Get to know the four phases of your menstrual cycle and start cycle syncing with small changes to your skincare routine, based on each phase. Let’s get into it!

Skin 💦 Moisturize Menstrual phase

Estrogen and progesterone ⬇️ can cause your skin to feel dryer. But there are hacks! Avoid exfoliating & waxing it’s all about planning ahead. Hydrate by drinking plenty of water. Raw honey masks! 🐝 Give yourself some deserved “me” time. Honey hydrates and smoothes existing breakouts.

Skin Play 🥳 Follicular Phase + Ovulation

Estrogen levels ⬆️ equals collagen boost and thicker bouncier skin, yup natural 'glow.' 🤩 Use a vitamin C serum to keep your skin glowing and protected. Perfect time to try new skincare products. Remember to not try too many at once. Exfoliate with lactic acid or fruit 🍊 enzymes to keep skin smooth and pores clear.

Skin 💤 Rest Luteal Phase

Progesterone ⬆️ can cause puffiness. Too high/low testosterone can cause excessive oil, leading to pimples. Here is how to manage: Use a gentle foam or oil cleanser. Remember that the more you cleanse the more oil your skin will produce. Ironic we know! Pimples? Black cumin seed oil can reduce redness and make it disappear faster. Use a serum with B3 (niacinamide) for oil control and soothe irritation. Use a cooling clay mask to calm any breakouts

Trust us, it's worth giving it a shot! With just a few small adjustments it’s possible to make a big difference. Give it a try!

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